Smartling Ranked #1 Market Leader by Common Sense Advisory

Comprehensive research and analysis of translation management system providers concludes Smartling is the most viable product.May 2nd, 2019


New York, NY - Common Sense Advisory, an independent research firm committed to objective research and analysis of the business practices, services, and technology for translation, localization, and interpreting space, named Smartling the #1 market leader in its recently released MarketFlex for Language-Oriented TMS.

2019 MarketFlex-for-Language-Oriented-TMS The research, which was published independently by Common Sense Advisory and written by Benjamin B. Sargent, Donald A. DePalma, and Alison Toon, is a comprehensive analysis of translation management systems on the market. The research assessed providers on two axes: product viability and company sustainability. For its visual context, machine learning, and continuous feature deployment architecture, Smartling received best-in-class ratings as the technology and services provider to centralize a company’s language translation needs in one solution.

“There were three things that stood out to me in this comprehensive report,” said Jack Welde, co-Founder and CEO of Smartling. “1) The market is, and will continue to become even more focused on building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to more easily manage translation at scale. 2) TMS buyers are now able to successfully consolidate their technology and language translation needs to a single vendor. And finally, 3) TMS providers must offer data-driven translation and localization.”

The report not only scores and outlines the important differences between nine providers, but it also provides buyers with a sound set of questions and considerations across a variety of needs.

“When we put ourselves in the buyer's shoes, we understand that it can be a little daunting to select a vendor to provide proven technology, comprehensive services, and honest guidance through the process,” said Brian O’Reilly, Smartling’s VP of Sales. “CSA produced an incredible resource for buyers here because they have summarized, independently, their expert perspective on what to ask, what to look for, and an appraisal of vendor capabilities – both good and constructive.”

Smartling originally started out to build better technology for translation at scale, and has matured over the years into a leading technology-driven language services solution. Today, the company works with expertly vetted translators who are all native speakers.

The MarketFlex for Language Oriented TMS is can be accessed via a subscription to Common Sense Advisory, or you can download part of the report for free on Smartling’s website.

In addition to Smartling being ranked the Market Leader by Common Sense Advisory, the company has been recognized by G2 Crowd as the Leader of the 2019 G2 Grid for Translation Management. Smartling has received leadership badges for Winter 2019 and Spring 2019.

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About Smartling

Smartling is a language translation company that enables customers to localize content across devices and platforms. The company is recognized by CSA Research as the #1 Leader of the 2019 MarketFlex for Language-Oriented TMS, and by users on G2 as the #1 rated Translation Management System. Smartling established Enterprise Translation Cloud, a data-driven approach to localization, which enables its customers to achieve higher quality translation at a lower total cost. Smartling is the platform of choice for hundreds of B2B and B2C brands, including InterContinental Hotels Group, Pinterest, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. Smartling is headquartered in New York, with offices in Dublin and London. For more information, please visit

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