Review Mode: A simplified UI for internal reviewers

We’ve just introduced Review Mode, the most uniform solution for non-localization team members to easily review translations.

Jennifer Chew

Jennifer Chew

Product Marketing ManagerSmartling

Reviewing translation is a bit of a nightmare.

Unless you’re a localization manager familiar with translation management systems (TMSes), reviewing content is a bit like asking a pedestrian to fly a plane. There are a lot of buttons to learn, and it gets complicated quickly.

That’s why we’ve just introduced Review Mode. It’s the most uniform solution for non-localization team members to review translations easily. Calling all marketers, product managers, and lawyers!

Check out our short demo below:

We trimmed down the full CAT Tool experience to just three functions: approve, reject, and edit translations.

In addition, Review Mode brings visual context front and center to help reviewers see content in its final layout. Reviewers can focus on approving not just the text, but the overall look of how the translated text fits within the end user’s experience.

Review Mode offers two unique review types for users to toggle between:

  • Monolingual Review - Review translations as they would appear in their final layout, and simply approve or reject strings.
  • Bilingual Review - Review source content and translations side-by-side to inform edits, and to approve or reject strings. (As a bonus, glossary terms are underlined in the source content.)

Review Mode toggleMonolingual Review - Approve and reject translations

Review Mode - Bilingual ReviewBilingual Review - View source content alongside your translations.

If a file looks great and ready to publish, reviewers can submit the full document by clicking the bright blue button in the top right. (Bulk actions, for the win.)

If any reviewers still need the bells and whistles of the full CAT Tool - like viewing translation memory leverage, advanced filters, etc. - they can easily switch back anytime through the button on the top left of the screen.

From our beta release, customers have loved how easy it is for reviewers to get started in Review Mode and jump straight into the most important functions. We look forward to all of our customers trying out Review Mode in the coming weeks!

To learn more about how to use Review Mode, view our Help Center article, reach out to your customer success manager or sales rep, or email hi[a] and we’ll be in touch!

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