Translation and Localization Resources

Know The Translation Type You Need (Before Vendors Tell You)

You wouldn’t start a car buying process by walking into a dealership and asking the...

Find Your Localization Leader: 4 Traits of Great Candidates

Who handles hiring? Who owns sales? Who leads localization?

Vetting Translation Vendors: 3 Places to Push For Transparency

The pilot was working on two hours of sleep. It was his first officer’s first...

Settle These Debates Early For a Tighter Localization Team

Debate is healthy. At its best, it changes minds and inspires progress. And at its...

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Global Marketing

Learn about the changes in the global landscape that are impacting businesses today.

The Future of Global eCommerce

How retail brands are tailoring content and experiences to international audiences.

Translation Strategy Is Growth Strategy

Download this whitepaper and learn how to achieve a dominant global position through a streamlined...

5 Reasons International Marketing Matters to Your Brand

Now that the Internet has become a global phenomenon, there are infinite opportunities for businesses...

10 Ways To Measure Translation ROI

To effectively measure ROI and the revenue-generating gains from your online and mobile translation investments,...

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