Translation Speed

Agile Development Puts Translation Speed to the Test

“Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” With those 16 words,...
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Content Sprawl

Solve Content Sprawl With Smarter Translation Technology

American veterans returned from World War II with big dreams for starting big families — and enterprising real estate developers...
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How Much Content Can Your Translation Process Tolerate?

“Half of marketers have more digital content than they can effectively manage.” That was just one of the concerning conclusions...
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Smartling Customers Share Their Best Moves From 2016

The path to major progress is paved with minor improvements, and you never know which subtle change will ultimately win...
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Does Your Business Doubt Translation Delivery Dates?

  Every missed translation delivery date carries clear and immediate business consequences. Product releases are delayed, rush fees are incurred,...
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Social Media Management

How Hootsuite Outsmarted Its Translation Frustrations

Five years after Hootsuite first showed the world a better way to manage social media, the pioneering platform had already...
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17 Website Translation Traps to Avoid in 2017

While you diligently plot your path to global growth in the coming year, enemies near and far are already conspiring...
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10 Questions to Test Your Translation Process Transparency

The single most influential variable in any translation strategy is trust. If business stakeholders, project managers, and linguistic partners don’t believe...
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visual perspective

Visual Context: A Translator Tool That Helps The Whole Team

Project managers, marketers, and developers tend to care about translator tools in the same way they care about graphic design...
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translation budget

6 Ways To Get MORE Value From The SAME Translation Budget

Nothing makes an executive smile quite like an employee who consistently delivers more from less. So for the thousands of...
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