Translation Cost Calculator

The Translation Cost Category Most Companies Forget

The case for content localization is always easier to make when translation costs are kept low. So for Sasha, VP...
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Case Study: How Canary Keeps Its Customers (and Developers) Happy

A long-term contract, a lawn sign, and a lack of customer support. For many years, these were the three inevitable...
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FB Campus

How to Move Fast, Break Things, and Still Translate Smart

When agile companies first consider localizing digital content, an irresistible force often meets an immovable object. Their insistence on continuous...
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Translation Speed

5 Translation Keys For Businesses Built On Speed

Grow fast or die slow. This McKinsey mantra serves as a warning to any entrepreneur with dreams of building the...
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mobile app eCommerce

Report: Mobile Apps Rule In eCommerce Conversion Comparison

PC sales have steadily declined, smartphone engagement continues to climb, and emerging pockets of the digital population are coming online...
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holiday ecommerce localization

eCommerce Localization and the Gift of Holiday Sales Growth

U.S. retailers now rely on the holiday shopping season for 20% of their annual sales. Or, put another way, one...
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SMB Localization

Why Today’s SMBs Are Exploring Localization Strategy Sooner

When small business owners first start dreaming of success, the global growth trajectory they imagine often looks something like this:...
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How Agile Translation Moves 3 Metrics That Matter

Dull. Rigid. Lifeless. Lethargic. Every business professional has met the antonyms of agile, and each has an opinion on what...
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eCommerce Content Strategy

Why Global Content Strategies Must Go Past The Purchase

Most global content strategies start by delivering a minimum viable experience. Companies translate website elements that light the path to...
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Translation Quality Assurance Shouldn’t Start With Translators

The difference between the best Italian translator in the world and the second-best Italian translator in the world is exceedingly...
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