Choosing the Best Localization Service for Your Business

Liz Alton

localization serviceFinding the right localization service is an important step when bringing your content to new markets. Businesses are increasingly going global and delivering products to prospective customers in their native languages.

Managing translations can get challenging over time. At such times, always remember that software-as-a-service is generally a more scalable and inexpensive way to manage localization processes than purchasing one-off localization services.

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Three Tips for Watch App Localization

Terena Bell

watch app localizationStarting April 24, Apple Watch will be available in nine countries. With Android Wear available in 13, translation is as essential to your watch app’s success as it is for mobile. While wearables localization is as new and developing as wearables themselves, we already have three important tips for you.

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How to Increase App Downloads with App Store Optimization

Amanda Kondolojy

increase app downloadsApp store optimization refers to the process of increasing an app’s visibility , with the ultimate goal of increasing app downloads. And despite its value, it’s still a fairly new concept in marketing.

Here are five steps you can take to make sure your app localization efforts pay off.

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Celebrate Chinese Language Day on April 20

Mim Harrison

A new way to understand the Chinese language

April 20, 2015 marks the fifth annual observance of Chinese Language Day, which the United Nations established in part to recognize Chinese as being one of the six official languages of the organization. The others are Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and English.

Chinese has been one of the official languages since the UN’s inception. More than 1 billion people on the planet speak it and many more non-speakers around the world are trying to learn the language.

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Eight Things to Ask When Evaluating a Translation Technology Company

Liz Alton

website translation companyChoosing the right translation technology company is an essential part of localizing your company’s content. There are numerous providers out there and you need to be sure you’re making the right choice.

We list below eight questions that can help you determine which one best fits your needs:

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Will Myntra’s Mobile E-Commerce Experiment Pay Off?

Vijayalaxmi Hegde

mobile e-commerceIndian e-commerce company, Myntra, will shut its website on May 1 and go completely mobile, with its app as its only platform. Along with its parent company and India’s leading e-retailer, Flipkart, Myntra has already done away with its mobile website.

This marks the start of a bold experiment in mobile e-commerce, not only in India, but perhaps the entire world.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Website Translation Service

Shahrzad Warkentin

website translation serviceUsing a translation service can make localizing your website easier and more effective, but you need to take advantage of all the tools available for the best return on your investment. Translation memory, for example, is key to making optimum use of your website translation service.

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Six Signs You Need a Translation Manager

Chelsea Baldwin

Translation managerWhen you’re trying to reach a global audience, you need a full-fledged multilingual content strategy. Because all web content is global, businesses (especially those that want to scale) are realizing that they need to speak the different languages of their target audiences.

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Improve App Store Ranking with Translation

Liz Alton

improve app store rankingIf you’re looking for ways to improve app store ranking, app localization plays an important role in effectively reaching global audiences. While each of the major app stores is truly a global ecosystem, reaching more than 150 countries, language localization helps target individual consumers and new markets you haven’t exposed your product to yet.

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